Buffet Package @ £85.00

The entire cost per person will be £ 85.00 and includes:

(kir, white wine with crème de cassis
-     one glass of aperitif cocktail,) per person on arrival
-          Large Buffet
-          2 glasses of wine (red/white inclusive) per person throughout the meal
-          one glass of sparkling wine to toast with the cake (not provided)
-          tea and coffee served with our homemade mignardises

Cold Starters

Roquette Salad with Parmesan, Tomato mozzarella, Green and white asparagus, Greek Salad,   Taboulé, Potato Salad with Herbs, Avocado, Coleslaw ( fennel/celeriac), Melon,   Mushroom Greek style, Cauliflower and curry Salad, Asparagus mousse, Beetroot salad with shallots, Oysters,   King Tiger Prawns, Shrimp Cocktail, Smoked Salmon, Smoked Makerel, Smoked Eel, Smoked Trout Fillet, Rollmops, Marinated Salmon, Haddock, Fresh salmon Medallion, Shimp Kebab, Leek Terrine with Crab Meat, Tomato Filled with Tuna, Tuna Mousse ,   Duck Rillette, Saucisson Sec et à l’ail, Parma Ham / Cooked Ham, Pate en croute,   Liver Pate, Egg Mayonaise / Quail eggs.

Cold Starters in Shotglass

Crayfish Chartreuse, Pressée of tomato with ricotta and basil, Gaspacho, Shrimp cocktail with apple Tiger Prawn salad with Ginger and coriander, Melon Cocktail with Port / Muscat.

Hot Starters

Shimp dumpling deep fried, Deep fried calamari, Accra, Chicken drumsticks with lemon.

Hot Dishes

Roast Beef, light béarnaise sauce, Roast lamb, Garlic jus, Mint Sauce, Roast porc, Apple sauce and jus, Roast chicken with garlic jus, Potato Gratin, Vegetables Jardinière, lasagne,


Tartare, Mayonnaise, Cocktail, Vinaigrette aromatique, Bacon, Croutons, Rougail

Garnish and Gratin

Chicory and cheese sauce, Eggplant and tomato gratin with Mozzarella, Mushroom gratin with Mozzarella and pesto.


Strawberry Cake, Black Forest Cake, Banana Cake, Chocolate and Meringue (Ganache), Peach and cheese mousse cake, Crème brulée, Chocolate Mousse, Crème caramel, Tiramisu, Millefeuille,
Fruits Tartellettes,  Lemon Tarte, Baba au rhum, Éclair café, Crêpes suzette, Apple Pie, Apricot sponge cake, Plum Frangipane tarte, Raisin brioche, Fruit salad, Bavarois tutti fruit


Cheese board, Cheese biscuit and celery,  Walnut and raisin bread, Brown Bread, Granary Bread, Selection of bread rolls, French Baguette


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