Special Events

DATES FOR YOU DIARY       Summer 2017


Saturday, 12th August – Glorious 12th
A celebration of the opening of the game season with Grouse the speciality


Sunday, 13th August  - Sundial’s 17th Anniversary Cocktail
The sundial Restaurant will be celebrating the beginning of its eighteenth year.
Mary & Vincent are delighted to offer their customers a champagne cocktail aperitif prior to their lunch on Sunday, 13th August.

Tuesday, 19th – Sunday 24th September –Seafood Festival Week
– 4 course Gourmet Menu
£60 per person,          Champagne Cocktail on arrival

Friday 20th – Sunday 22nd October  Châteaubriand Weekend
-   3-course Gourmet Menu
£60 per person,                Champagne Cocktail on arrival

Tuesday, 21st – Sunday 26th November –Game Week  -
4 course Gourmet Menu
£60 per person,          Champagne Cocktail on arrival

Sunday 10th & 17th December – Christmas Buffet
 £45 per person, £14 children under 10 years
Our buffet is something to behold, with up to 40 different starters, 5 hot dishes,
a cheese board accompanied by home made bread and a choice of 35 different desserts
– it’s sure to leave a memorable impression with guests,
 it’s a pure gastronomic feast.

Cookery Courses
Monday 4th September  -  Seafood Cookery Course
Monday 9th October – Autumnal Cookery Course
Monday 13th November – Game Cookery Course
You will have the opportunity to prepare a special 3-course menu with a specific theme being , Seafood, Autumnal and Game,
this will be followed with a dégustation whereby you may invite an accompanying person to taste your meal.
  Course will begin at 10.00am and dégustation at 1.00pm
£80 per person and £30 for accompanying person