Outside Catering Dishes


COLD AND HOT STARTERS:                                                                 Price per portion:

Cream of Lobster Bisque Soup with its meat            £  7.00

Cream of wild Mushroom soup                      £  6.00

Cream of Asparagus Soup                     £ 6.00

Homemade Terrine of “Foie Gras” Ducks Liver and its brioche       £  15.00

Venison terrine and chutney          £  6.50

Smoked Salmon chartreuse with cray fish mousse with tarragon         £ 8.50

Beef Carpaccio Perfumed with Truffle, parmesan shaving         £  8.50

Tiger Prawn and shrimps cocktail with avocados            £  8.50

Lobster Salad with Seasonal Vegetables, hazelnut Vinaigrette          £ 16.50


Cold and Hot Starters:MAIN COURSES: served with its garnish

Châteaubriand, Beef Fillet in Crust stuffed with Ducks Liver “Foie Gras”   £ 25.00 p.p.

and Perigourdine Sauce  (220/250 gr / pers)  (minimum 2 Pers)

Beef Fillet Wellington with mushroom duxelles in puff pastry          £  20.00 p.p.
and Perigourdine Sauce  (220/250 gr / pers)  (minimum 2 Pers)

Lamb noisette in herb crust and filo, garlic jus            £ 13.50

Chicken supreme filled with chicken mushroom mousse,
creamy mushroom sauce                         £ 10.00

Braised Leg of Duck with Orange Sauce                                 £ 12.00

Lamb Shank braised with thyme jus, Polenta                          £  13.50

Pork Orloff, tenderloin  (with cheddar and mushrooms)        £ 10.00

Salmon Escalope and lobster, seafood or lemon sauce             £ 10.00

Dover sole roulade with lobster, seafood or lemon sauce       £ 16.00

Smoked haddock and salmon en croute, lobster, seafood or lemon sauce      £ 14.00


CHEESES:    An array of 5 French cheese   £7.50 per person




Extra Bitter Chocolate Fondant Cake, Vanilla Sauce                £  6.25

White Chocolate Mousse Cake and Raspberry Coulis             £  6.75

Bramley apple and sultana pie with almonds, vanilla sauce      £  5.50

Chocolate indulgent and lemon curd cake         £  5.50

Praline mousse cake                   £ 5.50

Crème brulee                                  £  5.50

Tarte Tatin     (plum or apricot)    £  5.50


Loaf of bread: 250g,           Cereal (Granary), Rye bread with cumin, walnut and sultana bread         4.50


WINES:                Sundial wine list less 20% discount




Dishes are subject to availability.


Some dishes need to be arranged on Sundial crockery and will carry a deposit of £5

(Refundable when dishes are returned)

Dishes will need to be prepared on request and therefore require a reasonable amount of time to be prepared for you.

Delivery @ 0.40 pence per mile within an 10 mile radius.